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Wholesale Gun T-Shirts for Gun Store Owners & Gun Show Vendors

How to sell more t-shirts than all your competitors…combined

What every gun store owner ought to know about t-shirts.

GunShowTees is very easy to work with. There is a good selection of styles, the product shows up fast, and looks great right out of the box. No re-folding or steaming out wrinkles! The shirts are great quality and our customers love them!
--Fun Guns, Waco, TX

Have you given up on selling t-shirts? If you’re like most gun store owners I’ve talked to, you’ve already tried and failed at doing it this way:

  • You came up with an idea only you and your employees thought was funny
  • You had a highschooler make it into a shirt design in photoshop
  • You took it to a retail screen printer (please kill me now) who doesn’t care whether or not you ever sell one—and you overpaid
  • You put them off in a corner somewhere in your store
  • You never sold very many and have convinced yourself that t-shirts aren’t profitable
  • You wish you knew how to make a shirt that sells

It’s not your fault. Your business is guns, not t-shirts. To sell a lot of shirts, you need a company that sells a ton of shirts at gun shows and gun stores. We make shirts that sell and teach you exactly what to do in order to introduce this very profitable product line into your store.

Imagine what it would be like to have customers in stitches laughing and enjoying an awesome display of t-shirts in your gun store. What is your average sale? How would you like to have the perfect upsale item that customers will be tripping over themselves to buy?

GunShowTees.com started out selling t-shirts at gun shows several years ago, and in a very short time, we came to DOMINATE that market, putting other t-shirt vendors out of business left and right. We mastered the art and science of making shirts that sell like crack cocaine to the gun show demographic (i.e., your EXACT customer base).

We will get you set up with:

  • Turnkey product line of proven best-selling designs—we know what it takes to sell shirts at the retail level, and you can count on us to deliver shirts that sell.
  • Help in choosing design mix and sizes so that you’re not turning away customers because of size and you’re not sitting on piles of unsold inventory.
  • Our expertise on every aspect of t-shirt sales so that there's no guesswork for you. We have years of experience in being the absolute best at selling t-shirts, and we want to help you dominate in your market.

Here’s what you get:

  • Starter kit of our top 10 bestselling designs in the exact size mix you need (120 shirts in all)
  • Displays to mount the shirts on--super easy, just stick a shirt on it and stick it on the wall
  • T-shirt folder for perfect stacks of shirts, every time
  • Wholesale instruction manual with everything you need to know about display, ordering, and merchandising our t-shirts. Based on our own experience, research, and best practices derived from other wholesale customers.
  • FREE shipping for most of the United States (shirt printing may require longer total lead time)

How many people walk into your store in a given week? How would you like to have t-shirts in stock that can be added to any order, sold with any product in your store? How much would it boost your bottom line to add that onto all those orders?

Enter your contact information below and click SEND, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

P. S. – Our wholesale customers sell hundreds of these shirts per month. How much money are you leaving on the table by not contacting us today?

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